They Live Glow-in-the-Dark Poster! May 09 2014

Listen, up formaldehyde-face!  We've got a killer new poster for you guys, available for sale today! This glow-in-the-dark poster was designed by our friend Alex Fine for our showing of the John Carpenter classic at the Ottobar in Baltimore.  When the lights are on you get Nada himself handing you a pair of glasses to put on, but when the lights are off, you see what the world really looks like!  Printed with 5 colors on 18" x 24" #140 stock, this print is limited to an edition of 37.  Get yours today by clicking here!


Do you want to win a free artist proof print of the poster on purple stock, limited to just 4 copies?  Then follow our instagram by clicking here and regram the above image and tag "#PizzaPartyPrinting" for your chance to win!