Throw Back Thursday - Carcass April 10 2014

So I have been posting on instagram Throw Back Thursday (#throwbackthursday #tbt) for the past month now and it has been a lot of fun so I figured I would make a weekly blog post about it.  I certainly have an over abundance of cool shit I want to share with everyone.  With Carcass doing a tour of the USA with Black Dahlia Murder, Gorguts, and my homeboys Noisem I figured I would dig this one out.  This Sunday is the last day of the tour and it happens to be in my area!


I think it was back in 2009 when Carcass decided to do a reunion tour and Sonar shelled out a butt load of money to win the bid of being the only area appearance.  I was stoked because not only was there Carcass but a stacked lineup featuring Suffocation, Rotten Sound, Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, 1349, and Aborted.


I wanted to start doing more posters and I wanted to start doing posters for bigger shows instead of small punk rock shows.  I designed this poster and printed a few of them up.  I went to Sonar and showed them and instantly they wanted me to make more.  Success!  All of the posters sold and this is my only print.  I wish it was in better shape, but who cares.  At least I know that I got to make a poster for Carcass!