Underrated Movies for Halloween Week 5: Spookies October 23 2016

Grimy greetings, reader! This is Jimmy, Pizza Party Printing co-owner, artist, and resident horror movie nerd supreme again, here with another underrated horror gem to put you in the Halloween spirit! This time we're talking about 1986's bat-shit incredible haunted house movie: Spookies!

Where do I even start with this manic monstrosity of the VHS age? Essentially two separate movies that were edited together into one wriggling pile of slop once the studio saw the original cut and hated it, this forgotten flick is a delirious haunted house ride full of spiders who melt awful comedians, zombies who fart uncontrollably, and a plot with more holes than Swiss cheese shot with a machine gun.

Speaking of plot, here's all that you need to know (and all that there is!): A group of people make a wrong turn and end up at a haunted house where a sorcerer kills them off one by one to revive his bride. Very original, I know. But what's so appealing about this horrific horror flick is the special effects! Take every creature-effect from movies like Deadly Spawn to Ghoulies to Pumpkinhead, throw 'em in a blender with some extra goop and grime and tell a 13 year old boy with an overactive imagination to make a movie with the creepy concoction and you've got Spookies. All manner of disgusting demon and phrightening phantom populate this piece of sleaze on celluloid!

Unfortunately, this movie is very hard to find these days as there was never an official DVD or Bluray release, so you'll have to track down an old VHS or watch it on Youtube to experience this shit-show. This movie is a ton of fun to watch with your friends over a few dozen beers, which is why I give it my highest rating of 5 guys wearing a shirt with their own face printed on it out of 5!

That's all for this week reader! Check back next week for my next, and last, vile video recommendation!