Underrated Movies For Halloween Week 3: Night Of The Demons October 07 2016

Slimy salutations, reader! This is Jimmy, Pizza Party Printing co-owner, artist, and resident horror movie nerd supreme again, here with another underrated horror gem to put you in the Halloween spirit! This time around it's 1988's unbeatable demonic possession party movie: Night of the Demons!

The only movie on this entire list that actually takes place on Halloween, this flick is perfect for getting you ready for the big day. Whatever you do though, don't confuse this with the far inferior 2009 remake! Blech!

This flick is a perfect slice of 80's horror sinema! Satanism, punks, boobs, demons, and gore all rolled up into a big, greasy casserole, stuffed in a jack-o-lantern and punched right into your face! When a group of rowdy teens decides that the conventional Halloween thrills and chills aren't enough for them, they spend the night in the legendary "Hull House", an abandoned funeral parlor where they perform a seance and... nothing really happens and they have some fun then go home the next morning a little tired. PSYCH! Of course they all turn into a bunch of blood thirsty demons that rip each other to shreds until the light of dawn!

This movie is equal parts Return of the Living Dead and The Evil Dead and just as awesome! If anything, the opening sequence alone is worth the price of admission! I give this one a solid 5 disappearing lipsticks out of 5!

That's all for this week, reader! Check back next Friday for another wretched recommendation!
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