Underrated Movies for Halloween Week 4: Popcorn (1991) October 17 2016

Grimy greetings, reader! This is Jimmy, Pizza Party Printing co-owner, artist, and resident horror movie nerd supreme again, here with another underrated horror gem to put you in the Halloween spirit! This time we're talking about 1991's horror obsessed horror flick:Popcorn!

This horror flick by horror nerds about horror nerds who show horror flicks is a grade-a, certified, knocked-it-outta-the-park underrated blast! The story to this atrocious attraction is all over the place in the best way possible: Is it a slasher movie? Oh yeah. A movie in a movie? Try 3 of 'em! Is there a back story about an art-film murder cult lead by a Manson-esque hippie overlord? That's a very specific question... but YES!

When a group of film students decides to do an all-night horror moviethon, complete with the original promotional gags from when the movies came out (Giant mosquitoes! Electrified theater seats! Dead dog smell!) they quickly find out that one moviegoer snuck in something much worse than outside food or drink: MURDER. Once the film starts rolling so do the heads!

This movie is a ton of fun and definitely has it's heart in the right place when it comes to it's pitch-perfect homages to the horror movies of yesteryear, all night movie marathons, and making you feel like a part of the rambunctious and costumed movie audience, which is why I give it my highest rating: 5 very out of place reggae bands out of 5!

That's all for this week, reader! We're down to the home stretch, so check back next Friday for another wretched recommendation!



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