Street Trash and The Stuff Reprints!

We've brought back two of our long out of print shirts! Our Street Trash and The Stuff shirts are now available to order in a variety of sizes and styles!

Eat, Drink, and be DEAD!

Officially Licensed Toxie Back Patches!

Alright you 90 lb. nerd! The HUGE embroidered back patches are now available to order! 8.5" tall, fully embroidered, and with an iron-on backing!

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John Carpenter's The Thing Shirts

One of our most requested designs is now available as a shirt! Our John Carpenter's The Thing shirt is now available!

Get Weird and Pissed Off!

Our Surf Nazis and Poultrygeist Shirts Are Back In Stock!

Now available! Leeroy's mama approves!


Our Frasier PAIN! Shirts Are Back!

Hello caller! Our barbaric Frasier PAIN! Shirts are back in stock and pair well with an aggressive Zinfandel! Grab yours today!

Tossed Salads and Scrambled BRAINS!