Two New Patches and Two Restocks!

We've got 2 demonic new patches available as well as restocks of two classics!

Put One On!

Our Surf Nazis and Poultrygeist Shirts Are Coming Back!

We're reprinting two of our classic Troma designs, so now's your chance to pre-order! Leroy's Mama approved!


Our Frasier PAIN! Shirts Are Back!

Hello caller! Our barbaric Frasier PAIN! Shirts are coming back and are now available! Grab yours today!

Tossed Salads and Scrambled BRAINS!


Our classic Akira shirts are being reprinted and are now available in all sizes and styles! Your wardrobe is about to E X P L O D E!


Our CTHULHÜ Shirts Are Coming Back!

After our first run sold out almost immediately we're bringing back our awesome Cthulhü- No Sleep 'til R'lyeh tour shirts! Order yours today!

Shoggoth 'N' Roll!