Personal Pan Mystery Pies Return!

Our awesome mystery boxes are back! 2 random out of print shirts for just $25. Not a bad deal! These are expected to sell fast, so grab yours while we got it!

What's in the Box!?

Don't Touch Me Man! Shirts Are Live!

Douse yourself in toxic waste and throw on our awesome new "Don't Touch Me, Man!" shirt! Inspired by my personal favorite part of the classic Detroit tourism video Robocop, this melty masterpiece comes in standard, blue sleeve raglan, and navy tie-dyes!

Buddy, I Think You're Slime!

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We finally have something to rest your bumpy little head on! Tons of awesome designs available!

Honk Shoo Honk Shoo

Our Woven Blankets Rule!

Grab one of our awesome woven blankets and take the nap of your dreams! Or NIGHTMARES!

Horribly Comfortable!

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We're putting all of our posters on permanent clearance! Get yours while supplies last!

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