Underrated Movies For Halloween Week 2: Black Roses September 30 2016

Ghoulish greetings, reader! This is Jimmy, Pizza Party Printing co-owner, artist, and resident horror movie nerd supreme again, here with another underrated horror gem to put you in the Halloween spirit! Second up we've got the heavy-metal horror classick Black Roses!

I'm going to be completely honest, I freaking love this movie. It's got it all: great special effects, an over the top heavy metal soundtrack, a weird and misguided moral message, and more cheese than last week's lasagna! When Black Roses, the biggest metal band in the country, announce that they're going to kick off their tour in the auditorium of a small-town high school (y'know, just like all the biggest metal acts do), the town goes into a frenzy. The adults in town grow worried when the kids want to listen to heavy metal more than they want to talk about poetry and do their homework! The horror! Turns out Black Roses want to raise little a hell and use their music to posses the kids and turn them into demons who kill their parents!

This movie is a blast, has some pretty sweet monster designs, and is also a pretty interesting glimpse into the whole Satanic-panic, PMRC, anti-heavy metal crusades era of the 80's!  I give this flick 5 pervy English-teacher moustaches out of 5!
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That's all for this week reader! Check back next Friday for my next wretched recommendation!