Pizza Party June 2015 June 10 2015

Hey guys! It's summertime in the city here at Pizza Party Printing!

Back by popular demand we're taking pre-orders for our Pizza the Hutt and Tetsuoooo! shirts. These guys are making a reappearance in the full range of sizes and styles. Pick yours up with the discount code PIZZABEE for a discount at checkout (limited time only).

Next up our slick Sleepaway Camp tees- an old "camp" classic designed by the talented Andrea Kalfas. Up for a double feature? Check out our The Burning poster by our own illustrious illustrator Jimmy Giegerich!

Last, but certainly not least: If you're in our neck of the woods (Baltimore) come out to this month's Pizza Party After Dark movie screening! June 21st we are featuring Riki-Oh (1991) the Hong Kong produced revenge classic and the splatterific Shogun Assassin (1980). Come out for the mayhem, leave with a one-of-a-kind tee your friends will covet!! RSVP HERE!

Hope to see ya there!!!