Throw Back Thursday - They Live November 06 2014


They Live!  What an awesome movie.  If that movie's only good part was the fight scene, it would still be an amazing movie.  But I love everything about this movie, so we decided to show it this past April and have our buddy Alex Fine design a poster for it.


It all started when I ran into Alex at a rock show and asked him if he was interested in doing a new design for us.  He told me he had a great idea for doing They Live and making it glow in the dark.  At first the idea was to do a shirt, but we then changed it to be a poster design.  We love working with Alex and have had him design a few things for us:

We also had our intern at the time Joe Maccarone design an animation to advertise They Live being shown with Big Trouble In Little China.  He did an excellent job, check him out

Overal the poster turned out rather well.  The glow in the dark for the background was a custom made glow in the dark ink using phosphorescent powder and some clear base.  We noticed that the after that layer dried, that it was a bit powdery and wiped off a little bit so we took some Krylon clear matte finish to seal it in. 

We then wen to Alex's apartment and had him sign the posters.  These were limited to 34 prints and have been long gone.  We've talked about maybe reprinting them in the future with a different color scheme.