Happy Halloween...Rock And Roll!!! October 13 2014

This month's Pizza Party After Dark is all about ROCK N' ROLL!!! We've got a head-banging double feature designed to make your ear-drums burst! First up, we're going to be playing the drinking game version of the Japanese rock n' roll zombie classic Wild Zero (1999), starring the band Guitar Wolf, followed by the heavy-metal horror flick Trick or Treat (1986). This night is going to be out of control!  As always, there will be free Two Boots Pizzeria pizza, Pizza Party Printing shirts and posters, and cheap drinks! ROCK AND ROLL! AWOOOOOO!!!!

Wild Zero Drinking Game Rules
Take a drink any time:
-Anyone Drinks
-Anyone Combs Their Hair
-A Head Explodes
-Fire Shoots out of Anything
-Anyone Says ROCK AND ROLL!


We also decided to create a halloween witch shirt that glows in the dark!!!  This shirt will be available on t-shirts, ladies tees, longsleeves, hoodies, and for the first time we're going to try out dresses.  Dresses have the option of having the print be on the chest or on the hip.