A389 X Bash December 13 2013

If you have been following us for a while you have seen that we work on a regular basis with A389 Recordings.  Through them we have printed some amazing stuff.

  • Eyehategod 7" album covers
  • Several different A389 shirt designs
  • Ilsa shirts
  • A389 IX Bash posters
  • Left For Dead T-shirts, long sleeves, and posters
  • Iron Reagan tour LP covers
  • Integrity shirts
  • Full Of Hell shirts
  • Countless Noisem shirts, baseball tees, hoodies, and LP covers
  • posters for A389 Summer Extermination
  • Seven Sisters of Sleep T-shirts
  • Noisem, Full Of Hell, and Integrity test press covers
  • and tons of other projects I have probably forgotten about or future projects I can't tell you about

So it's that time of year again that the A389 X Bash is rolling around!  Dom is a good friend of mine and I am greatly honored to be a part of A389 celebrating 10 years of some of the best vinyl records ever released.  It's amazing to have a fellow Baltimore friend being so successful!!

We will have a table at both days of the event selling our wares as well has tons of printing ahead of us for the bash.  If you haven't bought a ticket yet here's the info of where you can purchase one.

See you at the A389 X Bash!

WEEKEND PASSES: www.a389records.com
SIDESHOW PASSES www.sidebartavern.com